Government Compliant Agile© (GCA)

Within UK Government all public facing transactional services must meet the Digital Service Standard. It’s used by departments and the Government Digital Service (GDS) to check whether a service is good enough for public use. To meet the Government Digital Service Standard you must pass point 4 (use agile methods).

The Government Compliant Agile© (GCA) course teaches delegates how to work in an Agile way covering the principles, tools and governance at the heart of the GDS Digital Service Standard and how to put the Service Manual into practice.

People who have passed GCA I, achieving certification, demonstrate a fundamental level of Agile mastery and understanding of the phases of an Agile project in line with the GDS Digital Service Standard. Enabling them to use agile methods to help build services that: meet the needs of their users; are easy and convenient for people to use; can change easily, eg if government policy or technology policy changes; can keep improving; cost less and are more accountable.

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